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Request SprayPay for your online store

Pay in 12, 18, 24 or 36 terms

SprayPay is a payment method by which your customers can pay in 12, 18, 24 or 36 terms. The consumer can pay in instalments ranging from € 250 to € 5,000. The online store receives the purchase price within 30 days, guaranteed. SprayPay takes over the full risk. With SprayPay, you address a new target group, resulting in an increase in revenue. The average order value will also increase because your customer can purchase his or her favourite item with a relatively low monthly amount.

How does SprayPay work?

When your customer places an order selecting SprayPay, a credit check will follow. This assessment determines whether there is a positive relationship between income and expenses and a credit check is also performed. The calculation is carried out within a split-second, so you don’t miss any conversion. With an approved order, your customer does not pay his or her first term until after 30 days by direct debit.

How do I request SprayPay?

Don’t yet have a Sisow account? In that case, you can use the orange quote button to request a customised rate. You must have an active Sisow account first to be able to integrate SprayPay. Tick SprayPay on the quote so this is included in the request procedure.

Are you already a Sisow customer?

If you already have an active Sisow account, send an email to [email protected] or call us to discuss your options. State your customer number and how you would like to be contacted, and SprayPay will contact you to draft the contract.

The features
of SprayPay

  • More revenue by offering payment in instalments
  • Immediate online acceptance
  • 100% payment guarantee within 30 days
  • For amounts between € 250 and € 5,000
  • No fixed costs

Other information

  • You must conclude a separate agreement with SprayPay before SprayPay can be offered to your consumers.
  • Check your CMS system for compatibility with our most recent module.
  • Only B2C, no B2B

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