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AfterPay: you pay later AfterPay is the most used post-order payment method in the Netherlands. Because your customer doesn’t have to pay until after receipt and evaluation of the order, your customer feels assured. The threshold to order something is lowered with a post-order payment method, and the average order amount actually increases. Even after settlement of any returns.

Request AfterPay? Send an email to [email protected].

  • Are you making a new request? In that case, provide your information as completely as possible.
  • Would you like to change AfterPay contract? Do you have your current contract directly or via a different shop environment and would you like to have it go through Sisow? Clearly indicate this.

Click on the orange quote button below to receive a general quote with various payment methods.

How does it work?

After receipt of the order, your customer has 14 days to pay. This is done with the click of a button via the digital invoice by email, with the AfterPay app, or via My AfterPay. In the Netherlands, some four million consumers already use AfterPay in more than 5,000 online stores. AfterPay bears the full risk of payment; you are always assured of payment.

How do I request it?

You can request AfterPay by means of a quote (quote button – this is a general quote) or via [email protected]. If you are already one of our customers, email us and have your customer ID at hand! Would you like to know the rates in advance? That is possible; you will need to request a quote via AfterPay on this page.

The features
of AfterPay

  • More conversion through paying later
  • 100% guaranteed payment method
  • Accessible, certainly for new customers
  • Customer-friendly payment process
  • Easy to add to checkout
  • Four million Dutch consumers

Other information

  • Not paid immediately
  • Besides fixed rate, also variable costs

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