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Offer Pay later with Klarna in
your online store

The customer’s credit risk is transferred to Klarna. This means that you will be assured of receiving the money as an online store and that the consumer has two weeks to pay. You will be paid directly from Klarna. To request Klarna, please send an email to [email protected].Pay later with Klarna Always check whether your online store environment supports this!

Pay in terms

Besides “Pay later” and “Pay now”, Klarna is now offering “Pay in terms”, focused on flexible payments spread over a period of time. With this payment method, there are two variants: Pay in three terms and Pay in four terms. Pay in terms is available in almost all European markets and in the United States. This will come to the Netherlands in 2020.


The features
of Klarna

  • Higher conversion through paying later in your online store
  • Suitable for most online stores
  • Locally adjusted Worldwide compliance
  • Flexible payments
  • Shopping without risk

Other information

  • Besides fixed costs, also variable costs
  • For SaaS platforms, always ask about the possibilities first

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