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Add Billink post-order payment
to your payment options

Billink is a post-order payment solution with a complete service, from invoicing to collection and risk coverage. When you have shipped the product, Billink sends the invoice with a payment term of 14 days. Billink checks the customer’s credit standing in real time.

How do I request it?

1. Check whether your web environment supports this. 2. Request the method by sending an email to [email protected]. 3. Update your plug-in to at least 5.2.0. 4. Enable the method in your own web portal.

The features
of Billink

  • Higher conversion through offering post-order payment
  • Risk guarantee up to € 2,500 for business customers and up to € 750 for consumers
  • No contract costs and a competitive rate
  • Strong in lower order amounts
  • Paid by Sisow at the same time as your other payment methods

Other information

  • Doesn't work on the Mijnwebwinkel platform
  • Doesn't work on the Lightspeed platform
  • Check your CMS system for compatibility

Why choose Sisow?

subscription costs

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Free support,
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