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Accept Webshop Giftcard in
your online store

A gift card which can be used in several sectors and offers its own shopping street. The Webshop Giftcard gives the possibility of receiving some extra orders because consumers who have received a gift card will look for online stores where it can be spent. And any form of extra revenue is always welcome! Also consider the VVV Giftcard

How do I request the Webshop Giftcard?

You can request the Webshop Giftcard in the following ways:

  • Sisow customers request it by email: [email protected].
  • New customers or interested parties request it through the online quote form.
  • By telephone is also possible. Call +31 (0)85 2 734 734 and select the sales department (option 2).
  • Request it directly through the following page: Become an acceptor.


Here you will find an overview of the shops that have already registered.

The features
of Webshop Giftcard

  • Guaranteed payment
  • More revenue because people will look for shops which offer it

Other information
Webshop Giftcard

  • Implementation through DNP Group

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