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Accept Nordea card payments in your online store

The payment method in Norwegian states. Nordea Bank is also one of the largest banks in Europe. Nordea credit card is issued by Mastercard. Nordea debit card is issued by Visa. By offering Nordea Bank, you have access to no less than 10 million private customers.

How do I request Nordea credit card?

Nordea runs on the Mastercard and Visa network. There are three ways to request Nordea:

  • Sisow customers request it by email: [email protected].
  • New customers or interested parties request it through the online quote form.
  • By telephone is also possible. Call +31 (0)85 2 734 734 and select the credit card department (option 3)

The features
of Nordea

  • A must if you want to sell in Norway

Other information

  • Besides fixed costs per transaction, also variable costs
  • You pay a compliance fee of € 34 per year for the entire credit card package

Why choose Sisow?

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Free support,
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