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Accept Mastercard payments
in your online store

You can easily accept international payments through Mastercard via Sisow. Mastercard and Visa are the two most used credit cards in the world. Maestro and V-pay, on the other hand, are the debit cards from Mastercard and Visa, respectively.

Safe payments with 3-D Secure

Process payments safely via Mastercard with our extra-protected 3-D Secure functionality. This minimizes the chance of fraudulent transactions and it gives the consumer a sense of security. We make use of the Acquiring services from Worldline, which is known for its excellent service and support in the credit card sector. Naturally, Sisow will provide the registration for this and the technical implementation from our side. All you need to do is implement the credit card module in your own online store by using our plug-ins, or through your website administrator.

How do I request Mastercard?

If you are already a Sisow customer, you can request Mastercard via our credit cards department, or you can request a quote via the website to immediately receive a proposal. The acceptance procedure begins once you have signed and returned this proposal.

  • Sisow customers request it by e-mail: [email protected]
  • New customers or interested parties request it through the online quote form
  • By telephone is also possible. Call +31 (0)85 2 734 734 and select the credit card department (option 3)

Did you know…

Credit cards are ideal for the larger transactions and transactions for which the consumer wants more certainty. This is due to the good purchasing protection and possible standard insurance. For your online store, this means an increase in conversion! Different payment options are increasingly being offered. But when do you select which payment method? If you opt to pay with your credit card, select a smart payment with no hassle.

And also that…

Mastercard monitors 1.8 billion transactions per month! Day and night, your credit card company keeps an eye on the transactions that go through your Mastercard in order to detect possible fraud. When something suspicious occurs, you are contacted immediately. Most online stores also ask for your Mastercard SecureCode — an extra protection using a password that you set yourself, which makes the chance of fraud using your credit card even smaller.

Mastercard in my online store – how does that work?

The features
of Mastercard

  • Because purchases are insured, payments via Mastercard are very popular
  • Credit cards have worldwide coverage. You can process transactions from any country in the world!
  • Support in multiple currencies
  • A must for online stores which do business internationally, outside of the Netherlands
  • Safe payments through 3-D Secure anti-fraud

Other information

  • Besides fixed costs, also variable costs with credit cards
  • Payment takes several working days
  • A surcharge may no longer be charged for this payment method

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