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Sisow introduces Payconiq

Payconiq is an omni-channel payment method customers can use to pay via their smartphone. Payconiq makes payment easy by supporting all possible payment methods in one app. You can use Payconiq online in online stores or between users.

How does it work?
You link your bank account to the Payconiq app (available via Google Play and the App Store). 
You pay in the online store by scanning the QR code. You confirm the payment with your fingerprint or PIN. The app makes a direct link with the customer’s payment account. For payments between friends and family members, a telephone number from your contacts list is all that is needed. The customer doesn’t need to know the recipeint’s IBAN account number.

About Payconiq
Payconiq is a European mobile payment initiative with its headquarters located in Amsterdam and offices in Brussels and Hasselt (Belgium). Payconiq was created in 2014 in the ING innovation centre in Amsterdam and tested among students in Leuven, Belgium. The innovative payment app was launched by ING in 2015. The Dutch company now operates independently in the Belgian and Luxembourg markets, and the payment service will soon be introduced in the Netherlands.