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Name of the online store now on the bank statement

In collaboration with iDEAL, Sisow has arranged that iDEAL payments will show the name of your online store, both during payment and later, on the bank statement.

‘Previously, the name “Stichting Sisow” was shown on the bank account statements, which was not always clear to consumers.’

This update provides:

  • More customer confidence
  • No confusion for consumers
  • Improved name recognition

Below you see the old (left) and the new description (right)

Where can I adjust this?

The online store name is displayed on the consumer’s bank statement by default. How do I check what will appear on my customers’ bank statements?

  1. Log in to your Sisow account
  2. Click on “My Profile
  3. Navigate to “Pay out”
  4. Change the text in the field “SubID name”
  5. Click on Save

You account is not deactivated when the SubID name is changed. If there is a blank, the company name is filled in.

Note: The changes are only visible after some time!