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iDEAL celebrates 15th anniversary!

ideal bestaat 15 jaar

Following the introduction of iDEAL in 2005, the number of users has increased exponentially. In the first year, only 1% of online shoppers used iDEAL. Five years later, in 2010, it was already 78%. In this fifteenth anniversary year, it is now 99%. iDeal celebrates 15th anniversary!

Friday is the most popular iDEAL payment day with just over 2.4 million transactions per day. On Saturdays, we use iDEAL to make about 2 million payments. Increasingly, iDEAL is used to pay traffic fines, subscriptions, tax assessments and energy bills, with two out of five being iDEAL payments.

  1. October 2005

The first iDEAL payment at gefeliciTAART.nl for a delicious cream cake. That gave us a taste for more!

2. From 1 to 99%

The number of users has increased exponentially. In 2005, only 1% of online shoppers used iDEAL, in 2010 it was 78%, in 2015 it was 87% and in 2020 it is 99%. We are delighted with that.

3. Annual growth

The annual growth rate of iDEAL transactions has never been lower than 21%. In 2006 – one year after its introduction – the counter stood at 4 million iDEAL payments. That number grew to 69 million in 2010 and 220 million in 2015. It is expected to exceed 865 million in 2020. That represents a 30% increase compared to 2019. We are incredibly proud of this!

4. Young or old

Everyone uses iDeal. Online shoppers aged 20-39 are most likely to use iDEAL (94%), but it is also popular among over-65s (87%).

5. Shopping from bed

Dutch people often shop online from their beds. For six out of ten young people (16 – 24 years old), this is actually their favourite place to make online purchases. Read more here

6. Transactions

Increasingly, iDEAL is being used to pay for things other than online purchases. Examples include traffic fines, public transport subscriptions, tax assessments, energy bills and payment requests. In 2020 (Q1), the distribution of iDEAL transactions was: 23% e-commerce in the Netherlands, 15% abroad, 22% C2C and 40% other.

7. Payment requests

Shared gifts, payments in advance for dinners and outings. Payment requests are becoming increasingly popular and are also paid by iDEAL (Tikkie was the first). More and more Dutch people are discovering the convenience of this: 61% of Dutch people aged 18 and above used it in 2020. Women more often than men: 66% versus 56%. Use among the 18 to 23-year-old age group has risen explosively over the past three years: from 37% in 2018 to 72% in 2020.

8. Black Friday

During Black Friday on 29 November 2019, an average of 75 payments per second were made via the internet using iDEAL or a Dutch credit card. That is 36% more than in 2018.

9. iDEAL in COVID-19 times

Dutch people prefer to pay with iDEAL. We have seen a strong spike in online ordering and payment in the COVID-19 months. Read more here.

10. Fibbers

Lying to your partner about your online purchases is rare, except among 25-34 year olds, 1 in 6 of whom admit to fibbing. Read more here

11. Friday

Friday is the most popular iDEAL payment day in 2020 with just over 2.4 million transactions per day. On Saturdays, we use iDEAL to make about 2 million payments.

12. Smartphone, laptop or PC

Smartphones are increasingly being used for online shopping and payment requests. In 2015, 20% of iDEAL transactions were paid via smartphone. In 2020, that proportion has risen to 30%. Male online shoppers more often use a laptop or PC (51%, vs. 40% among women) and women use a smartphone slightly more often (34% vs. 27%).

13. All Dutch banks

All Dutch banks support iDEAL in their mobile banking app. Last year (2019), 78% of iDEAL payments were made via a bank app.

14. iDEAL QR

Introduction of iDEAL QR in 2016. Knab was the first bank (2017) to include a scan function in its mobile banking app.

15. Check your balance first

Young people are real balance checkers and check their balance most often when buying something online, both before (69%) and after (62%) the purchase. Read more here


The proportion of consumers using their smartphones to make internet purchases has continued to rise this quarter. Whereas in the first quarter of last year 37% of online shoppers had bought something via smartphone, this year it was 42%. Laptops are still the most popular device for this, although the proportion of people using them for online purchases fell slightly from 50% to 49%.

ideal bestaat 15 jaar

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