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What does the transaction status mean? Has the payment been made?

Only if the status of the transaction specifies “Success” has the payment been made. If the payment comes from “T JANSEN” who has account number “0123456789” and “TEST” as the town, then it concerns a TEST payment and, therefore, not an actual payment! Other possible statuses are:

  • Open: The transaction is still being processed;
  • Pending: The transaction has not yet been verified by Sisow. The transaction may change to a different status on another day;
  • Cancelled: The transaction has been cancelled;
  • Expired: The transaction has expired (transactions have a life cycle; once this life cycle has expired, transactions are no longer valid);
  • Failure: An error has occurred in the payment network;
  • Denied: The customer has been rejected as a result of the credit check carried out by the relevant post-order payment method.

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