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How does the PayPal connection work?

PayPal through Sisow means that you pay transaction costs directly to PayPal and that you pay € 0.25 to Sisow for each successful transaction. The payment of PayPal transactions also takes place through PayPal. The advantage of PayPal through Sisow when compared to direct PayPal is that the implementation is easier in many cases because you only need one single plug-in. In addition, the transactions are processed in the transaction overview and, therefore, all transactions will be in one overview. You must also have a business PayPal account to be able to use PayPal through Sisow. You can then link this business PayPal account to Sisow’s system. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, you can apply for one here, after which you must connect it to the Sisow account by retrieving the API data and placing it in the Sisow account under “My profile” and then selecting the “PayPal” tab. Below we provide an explanation about how you can retrieve API data:

  • Go to “Profile” at the top of your PayPal account;
  • In the pop-up window, select “Profile” and then “settings”;
  • In the menu on the left, select “My sales resources”;
  • Click on “Edit” behind “API access – API – manage references so that my PayPal account is integrated with my online store or shopping cart.”;
  • Select “Display API signature” under “NVP/SOAP – API integration”;
  • In the next screen, click on “Display” behind “API username”, “API password” and “Signature” to display the API data.

You can also consult this manual to retrieve the relevant data.

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