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How do I link my website to Sisow?

To start linking our payment system to your website, you must install our module/plug-in. This is not necessary if you lease an online store which already has a link to Sisow. Our module/plug-in for your specific online store environment can be found on the Developers page. If you are having a website custom made, please refer you to our REST API documentation.  Once you have installed the module, or if this was not necessary, you should navigate to the settings, specifically, the payment settings, in your online store. These are set out and/or displayed just a bit differently in each online store environment. We recommend that you check whether there is a manual with the downloaded module and, if so, to consult it. The manual specifically explains where the payment settings can be found in your website environment.  Once you have found the Sisow payment method options, the online store must connect with Sisow using the Merchant ID and Merchant Key, and possibly a Shop ID. These details can be found in your Sisow account, under the button “My Profile”. You must then copy and paste these details into your web environment.  The Shop ID is stated in your Sisow account under “My Profile”. This is only relevant if you have multiple online stores operating under one Sisow account. If you run only one shop in your Sisow account, you may skip this field or enter a 0. To add a new online store to your Sisow account, or if you want to see your Shop ID, go to “My Profile” then the tab “Online Stores”. As soon as the Merchant ID, Merchant Key and the Shop ID, if required, are copied, you can activate the payment methods you want to offer your consumers. We would like to remind you that you must have a separate agreement for the post-order payment and credit card payment methods. For more information about all the payment methods we can offer you, check out our Payment methods page.

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