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How do I change the information in my account?

If you would like to modify your information, such your email address, for example, please log in to your Sisow account. As soon as you are logged in to your Sisow account, you can edit your account information using the “My Profile” button. Note: If you edit your CoC number and/or bank account number in your account, your account will be (temporarily) deactivated. A deactivated account means that you can receive transactions but the payment will be delayed. As soon as you have changed your CoC number and/or bank account number, our acceptance department will contact you as soon as possible with regard to the reactivation of your account. Once we have received and verified the requested documents, we will reactivate your account. You will then receive, along with the next batch payment, any delayed payments from the period during which your account was deactivated. We will do our best to reactivate your account within two working days at most.

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