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How can I test the payment process?

Sisow has a test function which can be used to test the payment process without having to pay any real money. The payment process can be simulated using the test function. The test function must be activated at two locations and also be deactivated:

  • in the Sisow account
  • in the back end of the online store

To activate this function in the Sisow account, you must log in and go to the tab “My profile”. From here, click on the tab “advanced”, where the test simulator can be activated. In the back end of the online store, you must look at the settings of the Sisow module. The location where this can be found depends on the online store environment you use. This is different for each online store environment. Here you can select per payment method whether you want to use the test simulator. If you no longer want to use the test simulator, remember to deactivate it. Note: If the test function is activated in the Sisow account, but the test function has not been enabled for the selected payment option in the online store, a live transaction will be initiated – one where payment is made with real money.

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